Patient Testimonials

What others say about chiropractic care can help you make the right health care choice. Review a selection of Durham Chiropractic patient testimonials below and please email me or contact the office if you have any questions.

- Dr. Thomas Prebeck

"I am really feeling a difference after just 2 visits. After being in pain for so long, I am totally excited to have a process that is working and working so quickly to bring me relief."

- Kina M.

"Doctor is truly amazing! Love his bedside manner and genuine concern for your well-being. He rocks!"

- Contonna P.

"I saw Dr. Prebeck based on my husband’s recommendations. Dr. Prebeck was very professional, attentive, caring and made me feel very comfortable. I felt so much better after my FIRST appointment. I look forward to seeing him for continued care."

- Dana R.

1. Describe the history and nature of your problem.

"I am a 34 year old mother of 3 young children who had increasing left knee pain with each pregnancy that never really resolved after the delivery of my babies. After the 3rd birth, my knew swelled to the size of a melon and was extremely painful. I could not walk and my leg would “give”, causing me to fall often. I could not straighten or stand weight bearing on my knee for a couple of months."

2. What did you try before chiropractic?

"In an attempt to correct what seemed to be a mystery, two different orthopedic surgeons did arthroscopic knee surgery to try and see and fix what looked to be unexplained fluid and bone bruising. Finally, a fourth surgeon and a rheumatologist diagnosed “transient migratory osteoporosis” caused by pregnancy. As an otherwise very healthy and active mom, sitting and waiting for the disease to “run its course” as it should over a couple of years was just not an option with the lack of mobility and severe pain."

3. Describe your experience at Durham Chiropractic.

"I am married to a surgeon so I was not familiar and a little skeptical about chiropractic care. Dr. Prebeck and his office are so kind and professional that my worries were immediately gone after the first visit. Dr. Prebeck developed a plan for not only my knee, but hip and ankle to increase mobility and decrease pain. Through a series of knee adjustments and acupuncture (which is not at all scary!) my range of motion increased, swelling decreased and I started to get my life back. After about 4 visits, the pain dramatically decreased, so much so that I was able to train and increase muscle which I had really struggled to do before. Diagnosed with a rare disease, I didn’t really care what caused in or what it was called, I just wanted it gone. I did not really start feeling better or felling that I could function well in my life physically until I came to Durham Chiropractic. I was really struggling with “normal” activity- like climbing the stairs or standing to cook dinner. We were praying for a miracle and we feel that part of that provision was being sent to this office. I am the most thankful mom in Durham who jogged a couple of minutes pain free today for the first time in 4 years! I do believe that the human body has been designed to heal. While I know that surgery can often help things to heal, in my case, I wish that I would have tried chiropractic care first. I am a big fan and believe both methods of treating patients can be and should be considered and seen as beneficial. I am equally grateful for the surgeon who correctly diagnosed me and saved me from more unnecessary surgery and for Dr. Prebeck who said, “I think I can help you” and did! I am on my way back to a very active lifestyle!"

- Jennifer B.

1. Describe the history and nature of your problem.

"Over a one year period I was able to sit for shorter and shorter time periods. Finally, I could only sit for 15 minutes, making sitting at work difficult and riding in the car nearly impossible. My tail bone was taking all of the pressure."

2. What did you try before chiropractic?

"I bought every type of cushion I found. They eased the hurt, but not completely."

3. Describe your experience at Durham Chiropractic.

"Dr. Prebeck showed me the x-rays of my lower back. It did not have the curvature of a normal spine. He also pointed out that one of my shoulders was noticeably lower than the other. Over a series of treatments and exercises, the pain gradually lessened and now I sit comfortably for up to 2 hours. His work was purposeful and professional. He continues to maintain my alignment and relieve the tension in my neck and shoulders."

- Marilyn C.

1. Describe the history and nature of your problem.

"I have had shoulder and mid/lower back pain off and on since I was a teenager (long time ago!). Went to a chiropractor whenever the pain was extreme until I felt relief. In 1989, I had a minor car accident that caused a muscle spasm in my shoulder blade and that, coupled with 8 hours a day of office stress and computer work resulted in daily soreness and pain in my neck and shoulders. I just assumed it would be constant pain I would have to live with."

2. What did you try before chiropractic?

"Over the course of the last 5 or 6 years – I tried muscle relaxers, deep tissue massage, hot tub/spa and exercise. Nothing worked and the stress/muscle knots in my neck and shoulders remained."

3. Describe your experience at Durham Chiropractic.

"After starting a new job in July of 2009 -I began to suffer greater lower back pain that usual. I came to Dr. Prebeck-but only tried a few visits (figuring a quick fix and I could be done and on my way). Well-after dancing one day I felt even more pain and finally decided to go back for the weekly regiment recommended by Dr. Prebeck.

After about 2 weeks-I began to feel more relief than I ever had in the past. I looked forward to my visits 3 times a week. I noticed I was walking different because he was adjusting my pelvis so that my legs were a more even length. Over a couple of months, my sessions were so successful that I was able to progress from 3x a week, to 2x a week then finally 1x a week. I noticed I had more energy and was much more alert during the day. Then, one day it finally hit me. After years of asking my husband to massage my neck and shoulders (almost daily) because of pain at the end of a day at work-I realized, not only had I not bothered him in months, but I no longer had any shoulder/neck pain. None at all. Plus-I could feel the tension was gone and the muscles /ligaments in that part of my body were much more relaxed. Then added to my neck/shoulder relief, I realized-I had not had any back pain for weeks. That was the first time in about 40 years (told you I was a teenager a long time ago) I could actually day I was pain free in my back.

I continue to see Dr. Prebeck on a monthly basis to ensure that I maintain the healthy balance my back needs which affords me a more enjoyable and pain-free lifestyle. And then, of course-got my husband to see Dr. Prebeck - he’s been standing straighter since day one. So we are a back wellness family and very happy about it!!"

- Candy K.

1. Describe the history and nature of your problem.

"My name is Kathy, and acupuncture cured my headaches. I have had stress headaches on and off for years, but recently developed a new type that’s very focused, extremely painful, and centralized on just the left side of my head and in the left eye socket. I ruled out migraines but was photo-sensitive due to the optic nerve feeling squeezed."

2. What did you try before chiropractic?

"I tried OTC pain meds, relaxation, heat, cold, muscle massage, and continued with my weekly chiropractic adjustments in my neck and spine, but nothing fixed it. I got some relief under a steady stream of hot water, but that never lasted very long. After two grueling months of sleepless nights and mental lethargy, I was considering a specialist, CAT scan, EEG, etc. when I remembered Dr. Prebeck also does acupuncture.

I’ve had acupuncture once before since my mom experienced it and told me, “I don’t believe in it, but it works!” I took that to mean you didn’t need to be actively receptive or mentally submissive to the process in order to benefit from it; it’s not a placebo phenomenon."

3. Describe your experience at Durham Chiropractic.

"After a long night of the worst pain yet, an actual ten on the 1-10 scale, I went in for my regular chiropractic appointment and said, “OK Dr. Prebeck, I need you to get out your needles.” I arrived with a pain level of 8, sat for about 15 minutes with the needles and left with a pain level of 2, that reduced to a 1 within an hour of leaving the office. That’s exciting enough I tell you, but the really amazing part is that it’s now been two weeks and I’ve had days with absolutely no pain, and only a 1 or 2 at most on the days it tries to return. If it keeps up I’ll do another session, but after 9+ weeks of 7-10 level pain every day, two weeks at below 2 are what I call phenomenal!

Thank you Dr. Prebeck and thank you Acupuncture!!"

- Kathy A.

February 3rd, 2000

"This is my first visit to the office of Dr. Thomas O. Prebeck. I am nervous and don’t know what other prognosis I could receive. So, I am just waiting to see what this fourth doctor will say:

I had extreme numbness in the first three fingers of my right hand. The last time I had felt my fingers was late September. I had stopped my part-time job and decreased lifting my two daughters in an attempt to rest my hands. The strength was leaving both hands. I couldn’t even do my regular housework, nor could I sleep at night because the numbness traveled up both arms. Two neurosurgeons and my primary physician all diagnosed acute carpal tunnel syndrome. In fact, nerve conduction studies concurred that the damage was so severe that surgery had been scheduled for me in mid-January. God intervened and I had to reschedule because my family went out of town. I have been a pianist for 20 of my 28 years and have taught piano for the last seven years. I also played the piano for my church. I was facing the end of my musical career. But I was willing to accept that fate if only I could feel my fingers again and resume some of my normal activities.

I was told that my nerve damage was so severe that surgery was my only hope. I was very skeptical by the time I was referred to Dr. Prebeck. I was not going to get my hopes up. Dr. Prebeck told me on that first visit that there was some hope and that he was sure he could help me. I held my breath, told my family, and then began my visits. After the first week, I could sleep a little better. By the second week, some of the feeling in my fingers was returning. I was excited by then!! With each week, there was constant improvement. I never had to take any of the pain killers that were recommended by other physicians. My care was very natural."

May, 2000

"Now I am at the end of my treatments and have regained 100% usage of both hands. I am rarely if ever experiencing the numbness at night. Mostly, I am amazed with the improvement of my total health and well being. I have more energy, and require less sleep. I have lost about 10 pounds. I have experienced more freedom of movement. I now understand the importance of regular spine care and correction. All of these results were from following Dr. Prebeck’s plan. I also attribute this change to a helpful office staff….All of this makes a patient feel like they are in capable hands. Dr. Prebeck treats each patient like they are his only patient. He has a genuine concern for your optimal health. He encourages constant feedback and gives you regular updates. Now that I’m fine I will miss coming in as often. But I will never forget the help and healing that I received in this office. In fact, I have bragged to my mother and a close friend who have just begun their treatments. Each time I encounter someone with the same problems, I hand then a card and tell them my story. Every time I play piano I thank God for being referred to Dr. Thomas O. Prebeck. I pray that more doctors would adopt his caring manner and dedication, and that more people would try this method before surgery."

- Rhonda D.

"Having a history of back problems within my family, as well as not asking proper care of my back, I have had trouble with it for many years. I have been to numerous chiropractic offices in all the areas I have lived but have yet had one give me the care Dr. Prebeck has given me.

At one point in my life, I was unable to bend over at all. I went to the extreme of having an epidural injection to ease the pain. I admit that this treatment helped but it was short-term fix. After a few years, the pain returned but not the stiffness. I was able to bend though quite painful. Often, I would simply reach out to pick up or hold something and I would immediately drop to my knees in pain.

After recently moving to this area, I was in need of chiropractic attention, as the pain and discomfort worsened. A colleague of mine was being seen by Dr. Prebeck and highly recommended him; I decided to seek help from him.

Since Dr. Prebeck has been treating me, the pain has subsided and I have not anymore attacks of sudden, sharp pain. I have been so pleased with his treatments and personable, “bed-side manner” that I recommended Dr. Prebeck both to my wife-who has been very wary of chiropractors-and to a friend, who recently had been involved in a car accident. They each have been extremely pleased with the treatment, individual care, and concerned attention Dr. Prebeck gives to each patient. My wife and I are so pleased with Dr. Prebeck and his staff that we plan to bring our two children to be evaluated by Dr. Prebeck as well.

I wish to thank sincerely Dr. Prebeck and his wonderful staff for all that they have done, and continue to do, for my family and me. I would, without hesitation, refer him highly to anyone seeking chiropractic care."

- James B.

"I found Dr. Prebeck quite by accident, but at a very much-needed time in my life. I had never really considered seeing a chiropractor for any problems I have had, even though I has been told I should numerous times by several friends. From October 1999 until March 2000, I had been seeing many different doctors to try and find a cause for severe headaches I had been having. In that 5 month period I had seen no less than eight different physicians more than 30 times. I had several different tests run; MRI, CAT Scan, blood work, eyes checked, teeth checked, etc. I had doctors giving me injections in the base of my scull to “numb” the pain. I was given medications by one doctor, which the very next week another would take away because it caused headaches. I was diagnosed with migraines, then it was said I had sinus problems. One doctor considered allergies while another said it was only stress. Indeed by March I was feeling a little stressed! I finally had enough with all the doctors. I was tired of everyone treating my symptoms and trying very little to find the CAUSE of the problem. I stopped taking all the medications and quit seeing the doctors. For the next 2 months I learned to deal with my pain.

My family and I went to the Hog Day Festival in Hillsborough in June. As we were leaving, my husband stopped at a booth for a chiropractor offering a free exam. Dr. Prebeck…was very nice and friendly to my family so I decided to fill out the paper work for myself as my husband was being looked at for some aches that he had been having. When it was my turn to be looked at, I explained some of the things I had been going through recently with headaches, numbness in my shoulder, and some lower back pain. I was impressed with the way Dr. Prebeck spoke to me, the way he explained possibilities of what could be going on with my body. He told me that I was a “chiropractic dream”; I sure hoped that meant I was a curable patient! I scheduled my initial exam for the following week.

While seeing Dr. Prebeck the first couple of weeks, I was also fighting with my doctor’s office for a referral for my insurance company to pay for my visits. I was dumbfounded (and frankly, still am) at what I had to go through in order to get that referral. During my second appointment with Dr. Prebeck, I was finally given the cause of my problems and by the second week, I was already seeing improvements in my symptoms. I eventually got the referral, after telling my primary physician that Dr. Prebeck had done in a couple of weeks what he and his colleagues failed to do in 5 months.

My 2 ½ year old daughter had been having chronic ear infections. In 4 months she had had 5 separate infections. She would take her antibiotics and within days, have another infection. Dr. Prebeck suggested he take a look at her and explained how chiropractic care could help her with this problem. One might call it coincidence, though I feel differently, but she hasn’t had an infection since she started under his care. She has even had a couple of colds, a definite prelude to an infection, without any problems.

I have been seeing Dr. Prebeck for over 3 months now. I have seen a steady improvement of my symptoms. I haven’t had a severe headache in over 2 months. When I do show signs of my old pains, I tell Dr. Prebeck immediately and within one or two treatments I am feeling great again. My husband has just begun treatments with him. He and his staff have become a pleasant part of my family’s life and we are very happy to of found them."

- Robin H.

"How chiropractic helped me regain, obtain, and enjoy my life and health more abundantly:

My problems began in 1998 with pain and restrictions in both of my arms and shoulders. It was so painful that I couldn’t sleep at night. I was in constant pain with sharp pain and numbness down to my right thumb. These health problems were interfering with my normal activities and relationships because I was always in pain, couldn’t sleep, and I just wanted to stay home and take pain medicine. I had been to see Dr. William Somers (Orthopedic Doctor) and received 3 joint injections, which did not help, and was advised that my only hope for relief was to have surgery.

However, thanks to my friend, Mrs. Fannie Harrell, who referred me in to see Dr. Prebeck, I decided to make an appointment and give Chiropractic a try. I started care at Durham Chiropractic in January of 2000 and I truly feel that Dr. Prebeck is God sent. He is very caring and concerned about his patients and also very good at what he does…I have really enjoyed my treatment and it has truly helped me. Since I began my care my arm pain and numbness have gone away. I have to admit that I was scared in the beginning but am very thankful now. Just Look At Me!"

- Clydie P.M.


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