Three Stressors that Affect People in Durham NC

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Do you live in the Durham area and feel like your life is filled with stress? Just like many things in life, some stress is good and some stress is bad and what may be good for one person may not be good for someone else. If you're looking for wellness in Durham there is more to the picture.

Instead of getting sick or being exhausted, the body will try to manage its structural and physicals stress through developing subluxations. There are three stressors that cause a body to become subluxated: physical stress, mental stress, and chemical stress.

Stressor One: Physical Stress

There are many types of physical stress, some are obvious while others we don’t perceive as stress. Some of the more obvious causes of physical stress include bad posture, car accidents and long falls. Some of the less obvious causes of physical stress, that may also cause subluxations, include repetitive movements, tripping and birth.
Our physical stress all starts birth and throughout our lives we experience multiple micro traumas and unfortunately we may experience severe traumas.

Stressor Two: Mental Stress

Have you ever lost a friend or family member? Have you ever been fired? Have you ever been given a deadline that seemed unrealistic? When people are put into difficult situations or become depressed, our body suffers. Anxiety, moodiness, nausea, rapid heartbeat, and ulcers are all responses to stress and all of these responses can be a direct cause or effect of a subluxation.

Stressor Three: Chemical Stress

Pollution not only affects the environment but it also affects our bodies. Alcohol, tobacco, preservatives in food and many other substances can directly affect our nervous system.

What Can Be Done?

When your body starts to malfunction in obvious and unobvious due to the three stressors, Durham Chiropractic & Acupuncture Center in Durham can help. Stress cannot be prevented, but regular adjustments can assist your body in overcoming the consequences.

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